The Agricultural Cooperative Union of GIANNITSA discover the STEVIA's World

The Agricultural Cooperative Union of GIANNITSA discover the STEVIA'S WORLD .

The ACU (EAS) GIANNITSA is one famus and succesful Farmers Unions of Greece and is a pionner in Innovations in Agriculture.
The plant Stevia , which only recently became known in Greece, is currently the most talked about plant in the world , due to the wonderful properties and especially the fact that sweetener (sugar ) with no calories and it is causing turbulence in the global market Sweeteners and sugar.

The Stevia brings revolution in many areas:

1 ) In Agriculture

2 ) in  sweeteners and sugar Industry

3 ) in the food and beverage industry and ultimately

4) in Human healthy diet.

The Agronomist KAPOGLOU PAUL , who is one of  2-3 first Greek agronomists who have studied science with Stevia plant and is the author of the first book in Greece for the business cultivation of Stevia plant on title "STEVIA: Sweet, but innocent.The STEVIA'S PROFESSIONAL CULTIVATION" invited by the chairman of the ACU Giannitsa Mr.Tsatsos Kyriakos to inform the Staff of managers of the Union on the prospects for the cultivation of Stevia plant in Greece and particularly in tobacco-growing areas such as Giannitsa.

The Staff of Managers of Union Giannitsa, after the relevant information from the Agronomist Kapoglou Paul , has unanimously approved the proposal to organise informative meetings regarding Stevia plant , and  make a trial cultivation of Stevia in the region Giannitsa province to be informed and prepared for the Agriculture and Rural People in the region about the impending start of the cultivation of Steve in 2011 and Greece.

The ACU Giannitsa has contracted out the agriculturist Paul Kapoglou this scientific project is conducting two information days Stevia and Stevia install test plots in two fields in the swanky area of responsibility of EAS Yannitsa under scientific guidance and supervision of Paul Kapoglou .

The establishment of two pilot - growing fields beating Stevia has done. The one dashing Stevia Field is located in Kria Vrysi (traditional tobacco-growing region in particular tobacco Berley ) and the other beating Stevia is growing near Giannitsa.

Seedlings of Stevia for the two test crop supplied the agronomist Paul Kapoglou two varieties from seed, Stevia , imported from Paraguay , the origin home of Stevia plant.

During the growing season will be held fact-finding visits Agronomists and farmers from the region Giannitsa in two Stevia's plant test fields  , at dates to be announced through local newspapers .

The flamboyant Stevia's field  will be supervising the cultivation of Stevia Agronomist Kapoglou Paul, who will explain to attendees of the specificities of plant and requirements of Stevia plant in climate, soil, water , herbicide, fertilization and plant health of Stevia .

Also will update the attendees on the spot in the field for the type and how to perform the necessary field work needed for Stevia to achieve high yields per hectare and a quality product Stevia's leaves.

In addition to the demonstration crops of Stevia plant, agreed to hold two training and information sessions with Stevia in Giannitsa city. Main speaker will be the Agronomist Kapoglou Paul and also by two other speakers Professors of Agronomy in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , or other specialists in the cultivation of Stevia plant Agronomists .
Two Days of Stevia at Giannitsa town will take place during September and October 2010 dates to be determined by the EAS Giannitsa , which will be announced through local newspapers , but they will be posted on the Internet website of the EAS Giannitsa and on the Internet sites of Agronomist Paul Kapoglou .

More information about the cultivation and uses of Stevia will find in the book " STEVIA.Sweet, but innocent. The PROFESSIONAL CULTIVATION OF STEVIA'S LPANT "and sites:

For more information on purchasing the book please contact the author of the book Kapoglou Paul- Agronomist.

Also to submit your information on visits to the flamboyant Stevia's trial fields can be obtained from :

EAS Giannitsa by phone 23820-23103 & 23820 22 613
scientific project manager Paul Kapoglou - Agronomist

In Telephone : 6944932985 and


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